About Us

Our mission is to provide quality behavioral health services from a trauma informed approach. Our goal is to deliver services that promote and protect valued experiences; support individuals served in controlling their lives and pursuing desirable personal futures.

To support individuals served with their identity, purpose and direction.

The values by which we work together toward achieving our vision are:

Person CenteredTo respect and respond to the dreams, needs, and values of each individual. We will acknowledge and encourage consumer, family, advocate and staff input to create and customize an individually responsive system.
To have the freedom to envision possibilities with boundaries. We will utilize resources with consumers that are innovative, versatile, and flexible.
To cooperate with trust, reliance and shared respect. We will promote teamwork by recognizing and supporting the strengths and resources of our consumers, families, advocates, and staff as we strive to create a seamless service system.
To improve quality and accomplish desired results. We will support consumers in learning self-management skills to be successful in living, learning, working, and socializing in community environments.
To respond with compassion. We will be kind, patient, and sincere while listening to and supporting the needs, dreams, and diversity of our customers.
To be true to our vision and values. We will consistently strive to be models of honesty, sincerity, dependability, and loyalty. We remain accountable for our commitments to consumers, the community, and each other.
To continuously improve through professional and personal growth. We will expand our knowledge and skills to anticipate and meet the needs of our consumers and exceed their expectations.

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