Trainings & Workshops

The Imara Center provides the following Trainings & Workshops:

Life-Skills Training Program
The Life-Skills Training Program provides comprehensive education and training to youth in the following areas: leadership; communication; violence prevention; conflict resolution; problem-solving skills; responsible adulthood; work ethic development; money management; interpersonal relationships; understanding the criminal justice system; and the principles of understanding oneself and others.

In School Enrichment Training Program
The In School Enrichment training Program provides educational enrichment and enhancement to elementary, middle and high school students. The program helps students understand the value of education, how to excel in school, and future career path selection. This program also provides workshops, trainings, and resources to assist parents and teachers in helping the children with high scholastic achievement.

The Health and Wellness Training Program
The Health and Wellness Training Program provides targeted health promotion and disease prevention interventions and services to at youth. These services address physical and mental health improvement at the community and individual level and include: nutrition and physical activity training and services; stress management; disease prevention workshops and trainings; and access to counseling for youth and their families.

The Imara Center also offers the following Trainings & Workshops:
   Trauma Focused Care
   Personal Growth
   Stress Management
   Staff Development
   Parenting Training and Support
   Teacher Training and Support
   Rites of Passage
   Death and Dying (the final stage of life)
   Substance Abuse Education
   Mental Illness in the African American Community
   Trauma in our Schools

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